About Ubik

Ever Tried. Ever Failed. Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better. (Beckett)

Michele ‘Ubik’ De Simoni

Junior Data Architect, Data Scientist Padawan. Lover of Penguins. Walking Beard. Black Swans (Events) Hunter. Black humour dispenser. Evil Mastermind. Tinkerer. Nerd. Tech Junkie.

Struggling Italian Economics and Finance student @University of Bologna. Sidetracked by a not-so-unexpected love at first sight for programming, data science, robotics, Linux, open source/hardware/data, Python and R.

Currently employed as a Junior Data Architect @BitBang, there I am working in the Big Data team, building data architectures while helping/training with both data analysis and machine learning, using mostly Python and the tools offered by the Google Cloud Platform.

This specimen can be found around local hacker/maker-spaces, libraries and tearooms with good WiFi in the following locations in descending order of likelihood: Bologna, La Spezia, Milan, Florence.